While an annual HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is mandatory for covered entities including hospitals and healthcare organizations as well as their business associates, too often, the results do not become part of an organization’s long-term plan to mitigate risks. Designed to provide expert risk management with built-in efficiency, ClearDATA Assess provides an intelligent view of data security risks with a sleek, intuitive design for a smarter, more collaborative and referenceable SRA experience.

Built on ClearDATA’s platform and backed by our healthcare expertise, ClearDATA Assess acts as a repository of relevant documents including the Security Analysis and Risk Mitigation Reports and facilitates attributable, traceable remediation of identified vulnerabilities.

Whether you have conducted an SRA using ClearDATA resources, ClearDATA Assess can help you:

  • Understand the risks identified by SRA team
  • Assign remediation tasks to employees within your organization
  • Monitor progress of remediation daily or year-over-year
  • Prove compliance to HIPAA regulations

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