Key Considerations for Payers Moving to the Cloud

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant transformation in its use of hardware, software, and storage, with many leading institutions moving to the healthcare cloud to improve performance and at the same time cut costs by optimizing their use these flexible resources.

Despite the growing interest in cloud computing in healthcare, payers are struggling to get started and short on answers as where to begin. With so much of their operating budget tied up in keeping the lights on and maintaining legacy systems, payers have little room to make costly mistakes in their approach to digital transformation using the cloud.

As Vice President of IT at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Laura Marble has overseen innovations at the health payer focused on building efficiencies, monitoring the performance of new and old systems, working hand in hand with business partners, fostering a flexible and adaptable approach to technology adoption, and investing in new business relationships and agreements.

In this presentation, Marble will detail ways to unlock the potential of cloud computing to innovate at scale when properly approached.

Learning objectives

  • Identifying key areas of focus for CTOs, CIOs and Chief Digital Officers as they prepare for the cloud
  • Developing a migration analysis plan to guide the move to the cloud
  • Employing strategies for cloud migration that not disrupt business operations
  • Making the healthcare cloud part of an organization’s business strategy and objectives

Speaker: Laura Marble
Title: Vice President of IT, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Length: 50 minutes