Healthcare Cloud Security Myths Debunked (Webinar)

Many healthcare IT professionals have a deep-rooted aversion to the cloud. There’s a fear of the unknown when it comes to cloud-based platforms – a perception that because the technology infrastructure is not under the direct control of the healthcare institution it is somehow less secure. However, when you look at the facts, one finds that cloud-based systems are perhaps more secure than their traditional on-premise counterparts and a perfectly safe haven for clinical health data.

In this 60-minute free webinar sponsored by ClearDATA and EMC, Health IT Outcomes editor in chief Ken Congdon and guests will directly compare the security attributes of cloud-based to that of on-premise systems. During this exploration, recent industry research will be reviewed that reveals the security threats and benefits associated with each approach.

Presenters will then share their insights on how to effectively and successfully incorporate cloud-based platforms into your overall health data management architecture. This webinar will demonstrate how the paranoia surrounding the cloud is not only unfounded, but counterproductive.