The more aggressively you use data to deliver better healthcare at lower cost, the more you potentially expose your data to security and compliance risks. Unless, of course, you put the right controls in place – and build a true organization-wide culture of compliance.

View this interactive expert-led webinar to learn how you can get more value out of your data and mitigate risk by:

  • Continuously uncovering and remediating exposures even as your digital footprint expands
  • Ensuring audit-ready documentation/validation of your “data due diligence”
  • Embracing a “technology + culture” strategy to optimize safety, efficiency, and innovation

Hosted by Health Data Management

Speaker: Chris Bowen
Title: Founder, Chief Privacy and Security Officer,ClearData

Speaker: Matt Ferrari
Title: Co-Founder and Former CTO, ClearDATA

Speaker: Erik Decker
Title: Chief Security and Privacy Officer University of Chicago Medicine

Moderator: Lenny Liebman
Title: Contributing Editor, SourceMedia

Length: 58 minutes