Customer Testimonials


Anna Steffeney

Founder and CEO

As you know, security requirements in healthcare are very stringent. We couldn't be a start-up playing in the enterprise market without ClearDATA.

Innovate Wireless Health

Brian Bentow

CTO, Innovate Wireless Health

“ClearDATA’s Dynamic Cloud Platform for AWS gives us a ‘soup to nuts’ cloud hosting environment for RxMinder. We get the power and flexibility of AWS and the Compliance and Security expertise of ClearDATA managed services. This allows us to concentrate on product strategy, not infrastructure management.”


Paul Terr


“With ClearDATA and AWS, our customers can build their big data repositories in the cloud, and be confident their data is secured all the way from the infrastructure level through the operating system, right into the data store. We count on AWS for reliable, scalable infrastructure and on ClearDATA to take the operating system to the next level –certified for Common Security Framework by HITRUST.”


Alexander Vanino

Principal Network Architect

ClearDATA’s advice as a leading consulting firm for enterprise HIPAA applications and infrastructure has allowed AbilTo to expand its technical operations in ways that would have been too costly or too complex to do on our own. Their eye for detail has helped us to implement changes to our policies that have made our organization more efficient and profitable. In many aspects, I think AbilTo owes their success to ClearDATA.


Laura Young

Executive Director, Behavioral Health Information Network

We’ve had fewer headaches because we don’t have to worry about maintaining equipment — that’s all taken care of by ClearDATA. That’s a huge factor for us because we have so many other priorities that we have to focus on.

Colorado Community Managed Care Network

Jason Greer

Executive Director, CCMCN

We went from 40 line items in our budget to a single line item through ClearDATA … with a significant cost savings. We don’t have to try to overbuild for what the capacity might be in the future. I can just use what I need.


Brian Schleifer

Director of Development National Dental Systems, LLC, DBA DentalSmart

With the current trends in cloud hosting and well documented cost saving benefits, it seemed like an outdated workflow to purchase and maintain all of that server and storage equipment and software in house. ClearDATA came highly recommended by our practice management vendor.

Dignity Health

Deanna Wise

EVP/CIO, Dignity Health

Healthcare is such a unique and highly regulated business, and when you get to our scale both the challenges and opportunities are quickly magnified. For us, ClearDATA represents an ideal fit in three mission critical components of our overall IT architecture. The first is managing the clinical integration of our ACO's, the second is our consumer facing patient portal and the third is our patient archives, which now includes electronic records for about 50 million patients. These components are at the very leading edge of our organizational commitment to healthcare reform - patient engagement, lowering costs with more accountable care, and securing our patients health records.


Christopher J. Asterino

Chairman & CEO of revMD

Moving our applications and infrastructure to the ClearDATA cloud allows us to focus more on our core competency rather than maintaining our datacenter. It is important to achieve "Best Practice" in all aspects of our business. This relationship achieves our objective with regards to data security, redundancy and business continuity. With leadership provided by our Advisory Board, we thoroughly researched our clients' data needs and went with ClearDATA because of its exclusive healthcare focus and HIPAA expertise.


Tony Paparella

President of MediQuant

The MediQuant and ClearDATA partnership provides a seamless technology solution for our customers. DataArk on its own can save a customer up to eighty percent in legacy system costs. With ClearDATA hosting solutions, the value proposition can be even stronger.