Innovate Wireless Health


Innovate Wireless Health is a thriving startup whose goal is to provide an opportunity for those with a chronic condition to live a healthy and mobile lifestyle. From those with diabetes to AIDS, the company provides RxMinder, a patient-centric communications platform designed to increase medication compliance and reduce long-term healthcare costs.

It provides the patient with medication reminders, mobile prescription tracking, and messages and alerts for caregivers. Caregivers benefit through alerts provided by text, voice or e-mail for any non-response reminders from the patient. They can also set up custom alerts to let them know when pain levels are getting too high or, for instance, when glucose levels need attention. Both patients and caregivers benefit through increased compliance at lower costs.

The Challenge

Because Innovate Wireless Health is a burgeoning startup, it must focus its resources on developing and continually improving RxMinder while ensuring HIPAA compliance and safeguarding protected health information (PHI). To achieve these goals, it needed an easy-to-use, flexible development environment, and an ironclad, secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting infrastructure. By using cloud hosting, Innovate Wireless Health could alleviate the burden of hosting its own servers, including all maintenance, monitoring, security and compliance components.

The Solution

After substantial due diligence, Innovate Wireless Health chose ClearDATA’s Dynamic Cloud Platform for AWS to host RxMinder, as well as the same platform in a completely separate development environment.

The company has also also engaged ClearDATA’s Security Risk Assessment as a Service (SRAaaS) program to ensure that all HIPAA compliance and security responsibilities are being met in a rapidly changing healthcare business and regulatory climate.

“The fact that ClearDATA is HITRUST certified and dedicated solely to healthcare are major selling points when we approach customers,” says Brian Bentow, chief technology officer for Innovate Wireless Health. “As a startup, we have limited resources to devote toward building our own secure, HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. That’s what ClearDATA offers us.”

The combination of ClearDATA and AWS is ideal for Innovate Wireless Health. AWS provides a flexible and elastic software development platform for RxMinder, and ClearDATA offers compute, networking, and storage infrastructure that helps ensure security , HIPAA compliance and privacy of protected health information (PHI).

“We do the initial development work on AWS – we see it as a DIY service with rich tools and APIs to make sure our software is meeting customer needs,” says Bentow. “Then, hosting on ClearDATA’s Dynamic Cloud Platform for AWS gives us a ‘soup to nuts’ hosting environment that we can rely on, from SRAs to server hardening – all of that is handled by technology and healthcare-specific security experts so we can be more strategic about improving our product.”

The Results

Lower Costs:
With ClearDATA’s involvement, Innovate Wireless Health does not have to hire its own SRA consultant. ClearDATA conducts the SRAs. The company also does not have to hire IT staff to manage an in-house infrastructure – let alone worry about the up-front cost and hassle of procuring and implementing its own servers and storage.

“I’ve worked with other services where the price goes up quickly once you start adding on hardware or services,” says Bentow. “Not so with ClearDATA. When comparing apples to apples, ClearDATA is the winner.”

Compliance audits – no problem
ClearDATA not only provided a secure hosted infrastructure, but also ensured that when Innovate Wireless Health undergoes a security audit, it will pass on all levels – passing administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. Says Bentow, “SRA as a Service (SRAaaS) provides policies and procedures, education training, and monthly support calls to that our company is supporting a culture of compliance.”

Easy scalability and a focus on innovation:
Since moving to ClearDATA and AWS, scalability is easy. As Innovate Wireless Health needs more resources, the company can choose specific server sizes, dedicate RAM and CPUs as needed, provision virtual private servers (VPNs), provide disaster recovery (DR) services, and more. ClearDATA is just a phone call away and responds almost instantaneously.

ClearDATA’s responsiveness is backed by a strong business associate agreement (BAA), one that Bentow believes has helped Innovate Wireless Health earn a spot in JLABs, an accelerator built by Johnson & Johnson to sponsor and mentor innovation in healthcare.

“Our background is in software architecture as opposed to the datacenter and HIPAA compliance side,” Bentow says. “With AWS, we have the power and APIs to focus on software, and providing an engaging solution for better care. With ClearDATA, we can offload our security and privacy risks and let healthcare experts run our stable, flexible cloud-based datacenter infrastructure. For a startup looking to innovate, there’s really no better combination.”