ClearDATA expertise is centered around keeping your environment safe and secure in the cloud throughout the entire lifecycle of your application. We want to enable you to adopt modern cloud software technologies and practices that drive agility, while ensuring that sensitive data is protected and compliance obligations are met. We safeguard your environment through self-service, automation, our healthcare experienced 24/7 support staff, and custom work across HIPAA enabled cloud services so that you can leverage the benefits of the cloud in a safe and secure manner. See the latest services supported below:

Supported Services for Compliance
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform

Automated Safeguards

  Application Load Balancing   SQL Database   Compute Engine
  EC2   Virtual Machines   Kubernetes (GKE)
  EC2 Auto Scaling    
  EC2 Container Registry
  Elastic File System (EFS)
  Relational Database Service (RDS),
including Aurora
  Simple Storage Service (S3)

Supported Services

  API Gateway   AKS   App Engine
  Auto Scaling   API Management   BigQuery
  Batch   Application Gateway   Cloud Armor
  CloudFormation   Application Insights   Cloud Bigtable
  CloudFront   Application Services   Cloud CDN
  CloudHSM   Automation   Cloud Console
  CloudTrail   Backup   Cloud Dataflow
  CloudWatch   Blog Storage   Cloud Data Loss Prevention API
  CodeBuild   Containers   Cloud Datalab
  CodeCommit   Cosmos DB   Cloud Dataproc
  Cognito   Functions   Cloud Datastore
  Config   Key Vault   Cloud Deployment Manager
  Database Migration Service   Load Balancer   Cloud DNS
  Direct Connect   PostgreSQL Database   Cloud IAM
  Directory Service   Redis Cache   Cloud Identity
  DynamoDB   ServiceFabric   Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy
  Elastic Block Storage (EBS)   Security Center   Cloud Interconnect
  Elasticache (Redis)   Stream Analytics   Cloud IoT Core
  Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)   Virtual Machine Scale Sets   Cloud Key Management Service
  Glacier     Cloud Load Balancing
  GuardDuty   Cloud Machine Learning
  Identity & Access Management   Cloud Natural Language
  Key Management Service   Cloud Pub/Sub
  Kinesis Data Stream   Container Registry
  Lambda   Cloud Resource Manager
  Macie   Cloud Shell
  Network Load Balancer   Cloud Spanner
  Organizations   Cloud Speech-to-Text
  QuickSight   Cloud SQL
  Redshift   Cloud Storage
  Route 53   Cloud Translation API
  Secrets Manager   Cloud Vision API
  Shield Advanced   Cloud Video Intelligence
  Simple Notification Service (SNS)   Genomics
  Simple Queuing Service (SQS)   Network Service Tiers
  Snowball   Persistent Disk
  Step Functions   Stackdriver Debugger
  Storage Gateway   Stackdriver Error Reporting
  Systems Manager   Stackdriver Logging
  Trusted Advisor   Stackdriver Trace
  VPC   Virtual Private Cloud
  VPN Gateway  
  Web Application Firewall  


**Note there are different consumption methods.  Other eligible services are under review.

Last Update: November 5, 2018