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The healthcare world is experiencing powerful new advances every day. Whether you’re engaged in medical research, enhancing patient outcomes or bringing new healthcare offerings to market, you are intent on pushing boundaries.

And that’s why we joined forces with Google – together, we provide a platform for innovation with compliance at its core. Google brings breakthrough cloud technology that builds on its pioneering reputation. We at ClearDATA are a healthcare-exclusive provider of security and compliance solutions that safeguard sensitive data and critical applications while enabling you to scale your healthcare IT infrastructure.

As a HITRUST 9.1 certified healthcare partner for GCP, you can be assured that your environment is managed by both GCP and healthcare compliance experts, which allows you to focus your time on your application. Our team of Google certified architects with extensive security and compliance expertise, can help you mitigate risk while you innovate by securely accessing your GCP assets using our own Secure Access approach.  This exclusive approach leverages limited, temporary access that requires certain ClearDATA credentials.

Innovate with Compliance

Our expertise is centered around keeping your environment safe and secure in the cloud throughout the entire lifecycle of your application. We bring the highest levels of compliance to the myriad of technologies available in the Google Cloud. We safeguard your environment through self-service, automation, our healthcare experienced 24/7 support staff, and custom work across BAA covered services so that you can leverage the benefits of the cloud in a safe and secure manner.

You can rest assured that your assets have an increased level of protection with automated safeguards. We eliminate the time it takes to manually build settings and apply compliance regulations, while also reducing the risk of exposing data through human error. We configure your environment in a way that ensures your GCP assets are compliant by enabling logging and creating log backups that are securely stored in a ClearDATA controlled storage location. Additionally, we have safeguards in place for the following Google technologies:


Analyze your data and know it’s safe and secure with enforced logging and removal of public access automatically enabled

Compute Engine

Deploy from ClearDATA Hardened Images, based on CIS benchmarks, with a suite of Automated Safeguards

Kubernetes Engine

Scale quickly and securely with integrated container vulnerability scanning 

Cloud SQL

Provision a secure database with backups, required SSL connections and removal of public access, all automatically enabled

Cloud Storage

Protect cloud hosted PHI from accidental exposure and breaches, and remain compliant

For technical documentation on how we protect and secure Google Cloud Platform, click here.

ClearDATA will continue to innovate and develop Automated Safeguards for additional GCP HIPAA-eligible services based on customer demand. To see a list of all services ClearDATA supports, click here.

Understand the State of Your Compliance with the Compliance Dashboard

Instantly understand your compliance posture with our Compliance Dashboard. We interpret regulations from HIPAA, GDPR, and GxP, among others, and map those regulations to things like virus scan status, log monitoring, and log backup status. Our Compliance Dashboard lets you view your compliance status in a moment in time as well as over a period of time with trend reports which can serve as auditable proof for your customers, internal stakeholders, or even an auditor.

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Comprehensive BAA

Rather than manage numerous Business Associate Agreements (BAA), ClearDATA provides a comprehensive BAA and works with you to meet your needs. Paired with our HITRUST 9.1-certified processes and controls, you can focus on your applications while knowing that the underlying operating system and infrastructure is installed, configured, and maintained in a secure and compliant manner.


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