Healthcare Cloud

The Healthcare Cloud Revolution

Healthcare organizations are rapidly adopting newer cloud technologies to become more data-driven and patient-centered. Migrating to the cloud is transforming patient care with the cloud’s ability to manage the data and transactions of large patient populations with flexibility and scalability—two attributes not typical of internal IT infrastructure.

How do we do it? 

ClearDATA secures your data in a number of ways. Deploying your applications on the ClearDATA Managed Cloud for AWS allows you to focus on your healthcare business, rather than managing the AWS infrastructure. With the dynamic ability to automatically scale a server up during peak usage periods, AWS ensures patient data is always readily available when needed. ClearDATA leverages this accessibility, while giving clients the reassurance of knowing that their PHI is protected within the servers.

ClearDATA uses compliance and security safeguards, purpose-built devops automation, and healthcare expertise to deliver a solution designed for today’s healthcare security needs. With the trusted healthcare managed cloud provider, your sensitive healthcare data is fully protected.


Learn more about how ClearDATA architects a HIPAA-Compliant environment: