Dynamic Cloud

Our Powerful BAA Makes it Easy!

Built exclusively for healthcare organizations and the technology vendors that support them, our responsive platform is backed by the most comprehensive BAA in the industry, to mitigate your risk and protect your organization. As healthcare security and compliance experts, we provide a strong BAA that ensures full coverage. You don’t need a separate BAA from Amazon or any other 3rd parties you might buy from in the AWS .

Easily Support Changing Workloads

Our platform aligns your technology environments with modern cloud services, easily enabling the capabilities you need to support rapidly changing workloads, like HIPAA compliant web apps or SaaS with variable demand, analytic or back office workloads. Best of all, you are assured of a security & compliance level that only ClearDATA can deliver.

Our Dynamic Cloud Platform is built to automate the services needed to control an AWS environment. We don’t obscure the AWS infrastructure API’s or control systems. This means that all native and third-party AWS tools continue to function, while ClearDATA ensures safe guards are in place.

Automatically Detect Changes

Our platform automatically detects changes made within your AWS account and responds to those changes. The response can be anything from alerting our managed services to attaching security tools to a newly created instance. When using our platform, we include the associated software licenses and related services as part of each solution.

ClearDATA Active Compliance & Security Monitoring Dashboard

With healthcare transformation moving at a rapid pace, compliance and security monitoring across the healthcare enterprise is a major HIT challenge.

Our Active Compliance and Security Monitoring Dashboard simplifies adherence to administrative, physical and technical safeguards. You now have continuous, at-a-glance transparency and actionable insights into your entire IT environment.

Our Dashboard is mapped directly to HIPAA guidelines. It can be enabled across cloud and private environments and easily monitor thousands of components, providing unique individual asset scorecards as well as a wide variety of additional reports and real-time status.




HiTRUST Certified

In 2014, ClearDATA Networks successfully achieved Common Security Framework (CSF) Certified status from the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST). This independent, third-party certification assures healthcare organizations that ClearDATA’s cloud computing, backup, disaster-recovery and professional services meet the highest standards for managing security risks and protecting health information.

CSF certification underscores ClearDATA’s continuing commitment to meet and exceed the global healthcare industry’s stringent data privacy and security regulations—including HIPAA, and to provide the highest level of protection against data breaches and malicious cybercrime.