Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery for AWS

Meet HIPAA Requirements in a Managed Cloud That Enables Next Generation Analytics

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ClearDATA Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services for AWS provide native snapshot-based off-site backup required for HIPAA compliance as well as the active replication Disaster Recovery environments needed to maintain strong business continuity of PHI and key operational systems.

Allows for Data Warehouse and Analytics Without Disrupting Operational Systems

Data is encrypted, transmitted and securely stored in native file formats allowing your backup data to be made available for alternate data workloads such as warehouse and analytics processing.


CloudBackup-AWS Dynamic Backup for ClearDATA Managed AWS Accounts

This fully managed service is automatically included in our Dynamic Cloud Platform for AWS as well as all of ClearDATA’s AWS PHI cloud options. The service utilizes AWS native snapshots with the default retention setting at 90 days. With the ClearDATA Enhanced BAA, you can be confident that all services and options meet the latest HIPAA requirements for security and compliance.

Managed Backup Key Features

  • AWS native snapshots
  • ClearDATA enhanced BAA coverage
  • Included in all PHI Cloud packages
  • Usage-based pricing


DisasterRecovery-AWS Dynamic Disaster Recovery for ClearDATA Managed AWS Accounts

Available as an option, ClearDATA cloud-based disaster recovery service uses continuous replication to cloud storage to ensure your hosts and data are available when you need to fail-over. Taking full advantage of AWS cloud infrastructure, your DR environment is configured and replicated, but remains in the “off” state until needed.

Dynamic Disaster Recovery Key Features

  • AWS native snapshots
  • 12 hour Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • 12-18 hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • AWS “pilot-light” style environment aligns costs to the DR event
  • Covers Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Alternate DBs require customer to configure replication


BigData-Medical-AWS Available for Big Data Analytics

Use Data Warehouse and Analytics Tools Without Disrupting Operational Systems

Utilizing the power and flexibility of AWS provides a significant advantage over traditional solutions. Your data is encrypted, transmitted and securely stored in native file formats. This unique approach allows your backup or DR data to be made available to tertiary systems for warehouse and analytics processing without disrupting or taxing your operational systems. Use cases include:

  • Collaborative care data exchange
  • Cloud-based data warehousing
  • PHI Inventory analysis
  • Big data analytics
  • Large scale upgrade or infrastructure transformation tests