Created exclusively for healthcare IT leaders this best practices guide will identify the most important factors to consider when moving your data and applications to cloud computing.

For healthcare organizations, cloud-based solutions are becoming an increasingly attractive IT option to cut costs, support on-demand provisioning, diversify infrastructures, and obtain higher levels of flexibility and security. However, many healthcare IT leaders are uncertain about whether or not migrating portions of their IT to the cloud makes sense, which steps to take, and in what order.

Several concerns have held healthcare organizations back from moving ahead toward full-scale cloud migrations. Healthcare IT leaders may have security concerns due to the alarming growth of HIPAA privacy and security breaches. IT healthcare leaders also are often uncertain of the business, clinical, and IT reasons for pursuing a cloud strategy. Will it pay off? What are the risks and rewards? The biggest difficulties lie in understanding where to start, which data and systems can be migrated and when, and determining resource requirements.