More often than not, multiple organizations will have roles in a healthcare analytics initiative–whether it’s a population health study or clinical research trial. But as committed as all parties may be to the project’s successful outcome, tensions can arise at the first discussion of which entity will have ownership of protecting and managing the data.  Here is where a cloud data management provider offers the psychological – and invaluable – advantage of neutrality.

All of the organizations may feel more comfortable uploading their data and entrusting its management to this provider than sending it directly to other entities involved in the data project. Further, a best-in-class cloud provider will have additional services and capabilities in efficiently acquiring this data from multiple parties and systems, which will solve another set of potential problems and points of confusion.

Big Data for Healthcare Finds its Home in the Cloud details why savvy healthcare organizations are leveraging secure, HIPAA compliant cloud computing as an affordable, convenient, and safe way to power their analytics initiatives.