PHI containers on ECS

ClearDATA provides a Container Platform to help health IT and DevOps teams quickly and securely deploy individual applications in a HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure.  ClearDATA’s Container Platform is built on top of our Dynamic Cloud platform, allowing for both secure and compliant container applications and a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure.


ClearDATA solves the gaps in container orchestration for PHI by simplifying key functionality —without the need to manage the underlying cluster. By providing features such as vulnerability scanning for container images and automated container instance deployment, ClearDATA limits the complexity of third-party tools.

  • Focus on healthcare applications, not infrastructure
  • Deploy and monitor applications using standard ECS tools
  • Utilizing Auto-Scaling Groups that ensure at least five instances are healthy at all times, and automatically replaces instances if they go offline for any reason.

The ClearDATA Container solution is built on the ClearDATA Managed Cloud for PHI. This fully responsive security and compliance solution includes our enhanced BAA coverage and the Compliance Dashboard.

  • Transparent encryption for container-to-container communication
  • Encrypted container instance storage
  • Use any PHI-capable services from AWS for data storage

A variety of security measures, including container to container network encryption and vulnerability scanning via Twistlock, is managed by ClearDATA Engineers. After our Engineers deploy container clients on ECS, clients can update their containers with direct API access.

  • Gain valuable insight into container image software
  • Track known vulnerability
  • Patch information for a wide variety of platforms