5 Reasons Hospital CIOs are Extending their Data Center into the Public Cloud

The pressure is on. Hospital CIOs across the nation are staring at deadlines, trying to figure out the best path forward. Their data center infrastructures are aging, resources are shrinking, and expectations to rapidly support new clinical initiatives are growing. On all fronts, there’s one option that becomes more attractive by the day, extending their data center into the public cloud. For most hospitals, it’s simply not realistic to forklift their entire IT infrastructure into the cloud. However, shifting new, or some existing, workloads to the cloud can provide much need infrastructure flexibility and agility.

In this HealthDataManagement Webcast you’ll learn how the public cloud is fundamentally changing the game for hospital CIOs. Renowned cloud expert Dez Blanchfield, Data Scientist of The Bloor Group, will explain why forward-looking hospitals are already headed down the path to a new paradigm in IT infrastructure, one that embraces the hybrid cloud. He’ll be joined by Scott Whyte of ClearDATA, who will demonstrate why ClearDATA’s healthcare cloud solution is perfect for a wide range of use cases, including: analytics, mHealth initiatives, disaster recovery, security and compliance; and advanced tools like micro-services, containers and Lambda architectures.