Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Solution

Kubernetes brings container orchestration to healthcare with dynamic deployment and management of containers, providing significant efficiency gains to drastically reduce time-to-market. Our deep healthcare expertise brings you a secure and compliant multi-cloud Kubernetes platform for you to develop and deploy software applications without having to worry about compliance.

Kubernetes in Healthcare: Overcoming Security and Compliance Concerns

Wondering whether Kubernetes is right for your healthcare organization? This white paper is built on ClearDATA’s practical, real- world experience in architecting, deploying, and maintaining Kubernetes clusters in healthcare settings.


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Access Kubernetes in a Safe, Compliant Manner with ClearDATA Comply™

Available across AWS,  Azure, and Google Cloud, ClearDATA Comply is a healthcare compliance SaaS solution that offers protection for your cloud environment, so you can innovate at scale and alleviate the risk of non-compliance. With Comply, controls are already in-place so you can get up and running in Kubernetes.


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Direct Access to Kubernetes

Access Kubernetes directly across multiple cloud platforms, giving you a consistent API, configuration method, and operational experience across the clouds.

Secure & Protect PHI

Protect PHI/PII throughout your entire application’s lifecycle with our Automated Safeguards, which both detect and remediate non-compliant activities within your environment.

Visualize Compliance

Gain insight and auditable proof from reports available in the Compliance Dashboard that can deliver current scorecards, as well as historical trending data by cloud service and regulatory frameworks.

Leverage the Latest Technology

Innovate and scale more quickly with Kubernetes, so you can utilize advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence for your applications.

Identify, Monitor, and Track PHI through Kubernetes with ClearDATA Locate

Built on ClearDATA’s platform and backed by our healthcare expertise, healthcare organizations can integrate ClearDATA LocateTM software into an existing Kubernetes based application and immediately start seeing tracing reports that are focused on healthcare data, specifically PHI.

With automated tagging of requests that potentially contain PHI, your development team will be able to focus on their core application, rather than building auditing into each microservice to satisfy the compliance requirements.


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