ClearDATA for Payers

As a payer in today's dynamic healthcare market, you are under constant pressure to strike the tenuous balance between innovation and compliance. As major trends reshape your industry, from value-based care to increased expectations from consumers and providers alike, you must continuously innovate, but how do you accomplish that and stay compliant with ever-changing and increasing regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR, HITRUST, etc.? ClearDATA brings years of proven expertise in healthcare compliance and security to help you safeguard sensitive information without sacrificing the creativity and innovation that is critical to your success.

Why ClearDATA

As the first multi-cloud healthcare-exclusive cloud provider to achieve HITRUST 9.1 certification, ClearDATA is leading the way with extensive expertise in the security and compliance needed to protect your sensitive healthcare data. Our work allows you to focus on yours, which means you can create new patient-friendly applications, leverage machine learning to drive down the cost of healthcare and increase overall health outcomes, and find efficiencies in your organization that can serve as a competitive advantage.

And, as threats of breaches continue increasing, we partner with you to be an extension of your IT department, providing extra layers of protection and compliance. We utilize compliance and security safeguards, purpose-built DevOps automation, and healthcare expertise to deliver innovative solutions designed for your security needs. Safeguarding your sensitive data is our top priority – from design and provisioning to support and maintenance. We build healthcare-specific automation guardrails that protect every environment and instance, and consistently adhere to certified standards of security and compliance. Your dynamic environment and infrastructure benefits from our process designed to continually inform, guide and remediate.

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9 Common Compliance and Security Risks

Don’t learn from a breach. Instead, learn from the experts before a breach occurs.  In this eBook, we share compliance and security best practices as well as lessons learned from our experience working with hundreds of customers just like you.

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Top 10 Things CIOs Need to Know about the Public Cloud

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If you are a healthcare payer, keeping up with the IT demands of running a robust, HIPAA-compliant infrastructure can be overwhelming.ClearDATA can help.

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