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Member engagement and differentiation have become increasingly difficult tasks in a competitive health insurance marketplace.  To deliver on the personalized experience your members expect and demand will require a shift in  both culture and infrastructure - designed to aggregate insights from data sources both within your organization and across the entire healthcare ecosystem. The public cloud provides a tremendous foundational asset upon which payers and other organizations can build their transformation efforts, but developing the strategic roadmap is a daunting endeavor.


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ClearDATA fills a critical gap for many healthcare insurance organizations as a highly specialized partner with deep, proven expertise navigating healthcare’s complex regulatory landscape as well as broad talent and certifications to harness the potential of emerging cloud technologies -  including machine learning and AI – all within a secure and compliant posture across all three public clouds.

As a HITRUST certified vendor exclusive to healthcare and life sciences, our expertise extends beyond a deep understanding the industry and the complexity of the standards and regulations associated with patient privacy. By coupling that with  understanding cloud technology and the importance of securing and tracing sensitive data (PHI) in the public clouds (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud), so you can focus on securely driving innovation around member engagement in a secure cloud.






Discover How Payers Use AI and Machine Learning to Improve Member Engagement

When payers take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence, they’re not only able to meet their customers’ growing needs and expectations, but also deliver better outcomes for providers and patients alike. Read the article to learn about real-life examples of how this technology is being put to use.

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The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform™

Comprised of software and services, the ClearDATA Platform empowers health insurance organizations to scale their operations in the public cloud by providing direct access to the latest cloud-based apps, services and APIs while protecting sensitive health information (PHI/PII). The ClearDATA Platform can help your organization:

  • Prepare your business to scale as it meets the demands of a growing aging population
  • Leave the hard work of compliance to us so you can focus on the work of increasing member engagement while containing costs
  • Securely access technologies like advanced analytics to better understand and prevent the costs of chronic disease and derive insights from your member population
  • Protect your reputation and your PHI with our automated safeguards and cloud expertise
  • Monitor your compliance with visualizations that create an audit trail




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Customer Success


“Although cloud is strategic for us, the ability to be experts on the cloud and cloud compliance is not necessarily strategic for us. Our business is healthcare, and we want to ensure that all of our energy is focused on what the right things are for our members, and how we can best address their needs in the marketplace.”

-John Walsh
VP and CTO, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey

“With ClearDATA, those obstacles of thinking about compliance are gone for me and my team. Being able to wrap our analytics platform with the protection of the ClearDATA platform allows us to access capabilities within the cloud that we would never have access to on our own.”

-Lee Green
Chief Architect, Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey to Improve Member Engagement

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