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With the advancement of big data, machine learning, blockchain and AI, healthcare is at a tipping point of being able to provide some of the most targeted and effective diagnoses, drugs, and treatments in human history. While this is exciting, the data necessary for these advancements must not only be accessible, but also secure.

Opportunities to Innovate in the Public Cloud

Drug development is evolving to address changes in government regulation and opportunities with emerging technologies. The market is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. Life sciences companies looking to speed their time to market are turning to the cloud for agility, scaling and cost optimization. Discover how the cloud is supporting the next iteration of precision health and personalized medicine, and how ClearDATA is helping life sciences succeed and innovate in a compliant environment.

Why ClearDATA

The global life sciences sector is operating in an era of significant transformation, driving innovation and growth while managing an ever-changing regulatory and risk environment. To succeed, you’ll need to preserve and build shareholder value while providing real-world evidence of positive patient outcomes. This has to happen in tandem with regulatory challenges that combine to open you to risk that results in onerous fines and loss of reputation. ClearDATA can help you manage those risks with a comprehensive BAA, compliance expertise, and an at-a-glance dashboard highlighting HIPAA, GxP, and GDPR so you can innovate across organizations and advance data-driven research and care delivery.

With regulatory compliant storage, backup, disaster recovery, data privacy, and security, you can be sure your sensitive data is secure, scalable, and available for collaboration, innovation, and research across the globe.

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How Life Sciences Companies Can Achieve HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

Keeping up with the IT demands of running a robust, compliant infrastructure can be overwhelming. ClearDATA can help.

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