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ClearDATA for Healthcare Technology Companies

As a healthcare technology company, your focus is on providing the best technology and services to healthcare organizations, rather than maintaining your own HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. That’s where ClearDATA comes in. We can help you manage the complex world of healthcare compliance, and help you demonstrate your culture of compliance to auditors in an easy-to-use dashboard.


CareCloud builds a better patient experience through the use of secure and compliant DevOps automation.

Why ClearDATA

Healthcare technology companies offer a variety of specific expertise from behavioral electronic medical record (EMR)  systems to revenue cycle outsourcing services. Regardless of your technology or service, your technology company is held to the same stringent HIPAA compliance requirements as all others, yet you may not have the bandwidth or expertise to deliver a healthcare compliant cloud infrastructure. ClearDATA can help deliver, scale, and secure your technologies in the cloud.

With regulatory-compliant automation, computer storage, data privacy, and security, you can be assured that your technologies are being delivered via a healthcare-complaint cloud, protecting your business and your customers.

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