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Whether you are a provider, payer, or in the life science or healthcare technology arenas, ClearDATA can help you. We are committed to providing the most innovative solutions to today’s healthcare data security, privacy and compliance needs.


As a healthcare provider today, you must adhere to numerous, complex regulations that set guidelines and expectations for care delivery, reimbursement, and protection of PHI. You also have to deal with a critical transition from volume-based to value-based healthcare. To do all of this, and still provide optimal patient care and patient access, you need a partner who can guide you on the path to compliance and help protect your sensitive data. This is where ClearDATA can help.


As a payer in today’s healthcare market, you are under the constant need to strike the tenuous balance between HIPAA compliance, data security and maintaining a data set that grows with a velocity never experienced before. ClearDATA partners to help you enhance security and safeguard your PHI and personally identifiable information while providing streamlined DevOps and improved workflows. Learn how we can help you avoid expensive breaches and retain customer trust while building efficiencies in your operations.

Life Sciences

In life sciences, the promise of the future comes from managing the challenges you face in supporting innovative collaborative research and partnerships, increasing customer engagement, and complying with an increasingly complex regulatory environment. As your global compliance and security expert, ClearDATA can provide you with secure cloud-based platforms that protect sensitive information while allowing for information exchanges that will revolutionize treatments, diagnoses and drugs.


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Healthcare Technology

Whether you are a SaaS company providing managed services, a healthcare device manufacturer, an application developer, or involved in other healthcare technologies, your role is critical to realizing the full potential technology can bring to solving healthcare challenges. However, you must allocate considerable time and resources to adhering to regulations and guidelines including HIPAA, GxP, GDPR and more. ClearDATA’s expertise takes the burden of that task off of you, so you can focus on the important job of providing the best technology for today’s healthcare needs.


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