Increase Development Efficiency with DevOps Consulting

DevOps combines software development processes (Dev) with IT operations (Ops) to accelerate delivery of applications and services. This enables more efficient delivery of features and enhancements, more agility to respond to customer and market demands, and more consistency in the production product.

To implement DevOps effectively, you must address the cultural, technical, procedural and business aspects of your organization, and ClearDATA can help as you design and implement your solution. At ClearDATA, our focus is to give you access to the latest technologies so you can focus on innovation to make healthcare better. Our expertise centers around healthcare, protecting PHI, and cloud technologies. We’ll help you build out a DevOps approach with a specific eye on driving innovation while building out a strong compliance posture. When all components are put together, it results in a robust CI/CD pipeline (continuous integration/continuous delivery).

Our DevOps Consulting covers the following areas:


Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

IaC underpins DevOps and there are many ways to approach it. ClearDATA is adept at creating IaC using both cloud-native solutions and third-party tools.

Application Assessment

Before an application is moved to the cloud and managed within a DevOps framework, it must be assessed for readiness. ClearDATA will guide you through the methodologies to break the application into the necessary components of the DevOps framework.

Development and Release Pipelines

ClearDATA is proficient at creating automation with cloud-native and third-party tools to accelerate your pipeline development so that code is created, tested and promoted efficiently, enabling you to react to market demands.

Toolchain Design

Implementing DevOps as part of CI/CD requires a toolchain of complementary solutions and ClearDATA can work with your team to understand their specific needs and recommend options for toolchain solutions by automating as many steps as a possible, including version control, testing, and code promotion.

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