DevOps Automation

ClearDATA helps bridge healthcare organizations with DevOps principals.  We work with each customer to design an environment that meets their needs and develops automation to ensure the environment is not only built to adhere to HIPAA regulations, but utilizes DevOps best practices such as automation and repeatability.  This enables healthcare organizations to securely access container and cloud deployments on AWS with ease, and improve overall cloud efficiency.


ClearDATA Solution Architects design the AWS network, instance, storage and other service configurations to match each customer’s unique requirements.

  • HIPAA Compliance Adherence – Our expert solution architects design the AWS infrastructure to adhere to all HIPAA guidelines for transmitting, processing, or storing PHI.
  • Architecture Optimization – AWS Certified Solution Architects customize the underlying infrastructure depending on client workload, budget, and system type.
  • Leverage AWS Services – Our experts help you navigate through the appropriate services to build an optimal environment for sensitive data, as well as de-identified data.

In conjunction with AWS security best practices, ClearDATA offers additional security processes and tools with the support for encryption of data and advanced monitoring.

  • Network & Security Automation – Our advanced security automation, such as patch management and managed backups, ensure that environments are fully protected and can be scheduled as needed.
  • Advanced Vulnerability Scanning – ClearDATA provides quarterly vulnerability scanning covering both infrastructure and application functions. The results of the scanning are available within the Compliance Dashboard.
  • Automated Monitoring – Our solution can properly detect the difference between a failed instance and an instance that has been purposely stopped or removed from the environment, allowing clients to take advantage of dynamic instance types without generating false monitoring alerts.

ClearDATA and AWS provide a powerhouse of DevSecOps tools to monitor your resources and receive configuration change notifications to enable security and governance.

  • Dynamic Capacity Auto-Scaling – if capacity thresholds are exceeded, auto-scaling groups will automatically scale up and down to adjust available capacity.
  • Automation – Each ClearDATA customer is managed by an automation and configuration management engine, allowing for customers to either use out automation or bring their own into the environment.  All coupled with ClearDATA guidance for security and compliance
  • PHI Containers on ECS – ClearDATA creates, manages, updates and patches all components of the underlying cluster on Amazon ECS, allowing the customer to fully control the container lifecycle without the need to operate the infrastructure.