ClearDATA Comply Self-Service

Comply Self-Service helps you innovate safely in your cloud environment by providing automation that manages compliance configuration in the cloud. With ClearDATA Comply Self-Service, you can ensure a culture of compliance by leveraging our software during the early stages of a new application lifecycle by ensuring relevant AWS services are configured in a compliant manner. This software removes the burden of navigating and managing compliance across different cloud services so that your development team can focus on their application and leverage the cloud to drive innovation.

Our Approach

Leveraging our healthcare and compliance expertise, Comply Self-Service provides Automated Safeguards which automatically enforces technical controls based upon requirements from many different standards and certifications, including HITRUST, HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 27001, without any human interaction. You can deploy within your AWS environment to protect against the misconfiguration of cloud services, keeping PHI safe and secure.

Comply Self-Service comes with an intuitive dashboard that provides a holistic view of all of your accounts in one interface. Within this interface, you can see a real-time status of alerts and remediations.

Figure 1. ClearDATA Comply Self-Service provides an intuitive dashboard that lets you see the compliance status throughout your AWS environment.

How It Works

Comply Self-Service is deployed directly into your AWS account. The software runs in the background, automatically checking resources for compliance which lets development teams focus on development and eliminate the burden of navigating compliance in the cloud. With access to more than 60 ClearDATA Automated Safeguards across 24 AWS services, you can continue using the AWS console or API calls to manipulate AWS resources. You can check compliance status by looking at SNS notifications, AWS config, as well as the dashboard that provides you with easy access to key compliance information for all your environments.

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