Case Study



When patients undergo inpatient therapy, they typically move from one facility to another—hospitals, in-home care, and other rehabilitation facilities. Along the way, clinicians gather and chart vital information about the patient. Unfortunately, information such as lab results, conversation notes, and medical images gets siloed at each facility as the patient progresses across the continuum of care. Doctors, nurses, and other clinicians have not way to obtain a holistic picture of the patient, and this can result in less than stellar care or, worse, medical errors.

Founded in 2014, VaultMR is dedicated to helping clinicians provide better inpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy—a crucial element of care needed when people have been in an accident or had surgery. The company has built a highly secure electronic health platform capable of ingesting information from all types of other health information systems used by a wide variety of facilities and healthcare disciplines. Accessible on desktops and mobile devices, VaultMR smartly documents the patient’s medical journey and presents the information, enabling clinicians across facilities to act as an informed, coordinated team to provide patient-centric care.

The Challenge

VaultMR’s first hurdle was ensuring that the product would meet clinicians’ exacting and variable requirements. To shape the product, the company assembled a panel of therapists with nearly 200 years of collective experience across a range of disciplines, genders, ages, and usage patterns.

“Human-centered design is in our DNA,” says Soumen Bhattacharya, president and chief operating officer for VaultMR. “That’s why VaultMR is built by clinicians for clinicians.”

The next step was finding a cloud-based infrastructure provider to host the solution. In selecting an infrastructure partner, VaultMR had several key criteria in mind: healthcare security and HITRUST certification, massive scalability, speed to market, reliability, ease of working with the vendor, and cost.

The Solution

After evaluating more than 15 cloud-based infrastructure providers, VaultMR unanimously chose ClearDATA. Some vendors partially met VaultMR’ requirements, but ClearDATA fulfilled the entire list. ClearDATA also provided beneficial extras such as a management console that lets VaultMR easily provision cloud-based resources inside the ClearDATA infrastructure.

“All you have to do is look at the profiles of ClearDATA’s management team to understand that they know healthcare security like no other cloud-hosting provider—HITRUST certification proves that out,” says Bhattacharya. “ClearDATA’s infrastructure is also massively scalable and highly reliable. The company is easy to work with under a Business Associate Agreement, and ClearDATA’s cost was better than other vendors for the level of security offered.”

The Results

Rapid time-to-market

As a startup in a highly competitive space, VaultMR wanted to introduce its product quickly. VaultMR was able to quickly and easily implement its solution within the ClearDATA infrastructure. VaultMR was able to quickly and easily implement its solution within the ClearDATA infrastructure and will be augmenting features throughout 2016.

Further accelerating time-to-market, VaultMR was able to tap into ClearDATA’s healthcare-specific cloud infrastructure, without having to educate ClearDATA about the many regulations and compliance requirements. ClearDATA’s expertise in the field is unparalleled, so VaultMR did not have to waste time bringing its hosting partner up to speed.

“By working with ClearDATA, we cut our time to market in half and can run our solution within an infrastructure with the scalability and security essential in healthcare,” says Bhattacharya.

Low total cost of ownership

With the ClearDATA solution, VaultMR saved countless thousands of dollars when compared to building its own hosting infrastructure in-house, while avoiding the headache and ongoing cost of maintenance. VaultMR also recognized economies by partnering with ClearDATA rather than other hosting vendors. ClearDATA was 30% to 40% less expensive than other cloud-based offerings—all without sacrificing security.

Laser focus on product development

Because ClearDATA shoulders the infrastructure and security burdens, VaultMR can innovate and concentrate on honing its product to precisely meet clinicians’ needs. Developments in the works at VaultMR include a patient portal and voice-to-text functionality that will free clinicians to spend more time with patients and less time on data entry.

“We considered many cloud infrastructure vendors, and almost all of them said ‘leave the hosting to us while you conduct your own business,’” says Bhattacharya. “Although everyone said it, it really rings true with ClearDATA. We can focus solely on our customers and our product to provide a 360-degree view of patients across their healthcare journeys and, ultimately, make a positive change in the way clinicians in the rehabilitation space care for patients.”