Case Study

With a sole focus on healthcare revenue cycle outsourcing services, combines customer-service driven performance with industry leading technology to drive up cash collections.’s proprietary accounts receivable collection management system, Enhance, fully automates the complex cycles of early-out self-pay, insurance follow-up, and bad debt collections. A combination of technology, adherence to best practices, and a highly skilled staff enable to deliver guaranteed collection improvements.

The Challenge

With Enhance and other software such as medical billing and practice management at the hub of its services, relies on a robust, always-on technology infrastructure to power the business. Up until a few years ago, depended on on-site technologies. The infrastructure required two full-time employees as well as the time of a costly third-party IT provider for maintenance. Adding to the challenge, the on-premise infrastructure was aging and in need of an expensive refresh.

The incumbent systems lacked disaster recovery (DR) capabilities, causing potential risks for and its clients. As an outsourced services provider, must adhere to strict healthcare standards and guidelines, including safeguarding patient health information (PHI) as outlined in the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and HITECH Act. As a trusted partner, serves more than 200 physicians, each reliant on for their livelihood, making downtime or data loss unacceptable.

“We were at a crossroads with an aging infrastructure and a desire to focus on our core competencies—billing and collections—versus IT,” says Anthony Baumann, chief operating officer for “We started looking at alternatives, including moving to the cloud.”

The Solution

Baumann and the team weighed the pros and cons of outsourcing IT, and decided in favor. One immediate and obvious benefit was the opportunity to re-assign two full-time staff and cut back on the expense of the third-party IT vendor. Handing off technology to a trusted partner would alleviate the need for to have to keep pace with rapid-fire, ongoing changes in technology. Other advantages included the instant availability of best practices DR and the ability to scale the business up or down with fluctuations in demand.

The next step was finding the right cloud IT provider, and the search was exhaustive. insisted on a provider focused solely on healthcare to help navigate the industry’s complex technology requirements. Large and small vendors were considered with an eye toward personalized service and in-depth knowledge of healthcare best practices.

“We talked to several vendors,” says Baumann. “ClearDATA emerged as our choice because they specialize in healthcare and they proved to us that we would receive personalized attention and superb service.”

Due to large data volumes and some outdated applications that were not well suited for cloud hosting, the transition for took longer and was more complex than anticipated. However, ClearDATA was persistent and committed to making the move a success.

“ClearDATA was relentless in helping us solve our performance issues and collectively worked exceptionally hard, long hours to make everything right,” says Baumann. “Would I do it again? Yes. Would I do it again with ClearDATA? Absolutely—in a heartbeat.”

The Results

Since moving its core services and applications onto ClearDATA’s platform, can rely on exceptional uptime, performance, and security. The ClearDATA environment is highly available and provides rapid performance for employees.

“We have peace of mind, scalability, and the ability to focus on our business, rather than on IT,” says Baumann. “Our client service has improved as a result.”

For, working with ClearDATA enables easier HIPAA compliance. Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No.16 audits are streamlined as well. SSAE 16 audits come into play when a client—a physician or other healthcare provider—needs to take out a loan. The bank typically wants to review the practice’s financial statements. Often, the biggest number on the balance sheet is accounts receivable, and this spurs the bank to inquire about the integrity of’s IT infrastructure. ClearDATA operates a HIPAA-compliant IT environment and conducts internal audits of its entire network, so there are virtually no questions about’s audit credibility and reliability.

In addition to delivering a rock-solid infrastructure, dedicated healthcare expertise, and streamlined compliance, ClearDATA offers many advantages from a relationship standpoint. Baumann gives ClearDATA high marks for integrity, honesty, steadfastness, and responsiveness. When needs to boost network performance levels, for instance, ClearDATA is just a quick phone call away.

“ClearDATA is a relationship company. They’ve proven their worth in challenging situations time after time,” Baumann says. “ClearDATA is a first-class organization that stands by what they do—and that’s the kind of company we want to do business with.”