Case Study



Rejuvenly is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with a single goal: helping people get a better night’s sleep. The company is revolutionizing the sleep industry by removing many barriers that keep people from better sleep and better health. The product was originally developed for NASA, U.S. Navy SEALs, and many high risk commercial organizations and is now being made available to the public for the first time. All of the methodologies are based on extensive evidence-based medicine.

“Our software builds a profile of each person’s unique situation, helps them get on the right path to better health, and engages with them every step of the way towards achieving results.” says Patrick Yung, CEO and co-founder. “It’s our specialized algorithms, analytics, and user engagement capabilities that really set us apart.”

The Challenge

Getting better sleep is such a hot topic right now—people now understand that it benefits people, physicians, employers, and health plans. But Yung’s main customers are those for whom good sleep and health is mission-critical; namely, organizations such as NASA, the Navy Seals, and companies whose workers are engaged in safety-sensitive tasks.

Several health insurance companies and large healthcare providers have expressed interest in Rejuvenly’s solution, making scalability an obvious priority.

Yung needed to host his SaaS platform with a commercial-grade cloud-hosting provider, and he had several criteria in mind. “We needed a fully HIPAA-compliant, secure, healthcare-specific cloud infrastructure that we could stand up quickly—one that could lock down PHI on any device: desktops, tablets, or smartphones,” says Yung. “We wanted to scale and grow, and we hoped we’d find a trusted partner that could grow with us.”

Rejuvenly started out using one of the leading branded hosting providers, and while the service offering met most of Rejuvenly’s requirements, the company found itself doing most of the development and set-up work itself, a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Also, Rejuvenly was not satisfied with that provider’s implementation of HIPAA, a critical factor for covered entities and their business associates dealing with sensitive protected health information.

As a result, Rejuvenly began looking for a fully HIPAA-compliant service provider with a robust, cloud-based infrastructure and custom-coding expertise.

The Solution

Rejuvenly chose ClearDATA based on its HIPAA compliance, HITRUST certification, security expertise and ability to lock down data being accessed or sent from any device. ClearDATA proved to be the right option and was able to provide Rejuvenly with a full solution on a turnkey basis.

“ClearDATA was so easy to work with, and everything went smoothly with the implementation,” Yung says. “They had a clear grasp of what we needed right away and did the implementation and ongoing maintenance themselves, versus us having to do the work using a hosting partner’s tools. That helped us avoid a lot of cost and headaches.”

The Results

ClearDATA stood up Rejuvenly’s solution swiftly—without hiccups and without Rejuvenly staff having to expend time and energy. Yung reports excellent server uptime since moving to ClearDATA, high levels of security, and fully safeguarded PHI across devices.

Best of all, Rejuvenly can exceed demanding customer requirements and have the flexibility to grow and expand. “In an industry rife with multi-year, multi-million dollar implementations which can be scary and require long up-front investment, Rejuvenly’s software can be set up in a matter of days, at a fraction of the cost,” Yung says. “It’s one way we’re really exceeding customer requirements and creating customer delight. We work with organizations whose operations hinge on good health, so having an always-on utility infrastructure such as ClearDATA is mandatory. We’ve been very pleased. ClearDATA is a great partner.”