Paxata’s mission is to transform data into information on-demand to empower every person, process, and system to be more intelligent. Within healthcare, Paxata works with organizations needing faster access to disparate sensitive data, so these organizations can use the data to address some of the challenges facing the healthcare industry today and make the world healthier. Some examples of these organizations are pharmaceutical companies who need to track progress of clinical trials more efficiently and effectively, as well as payer organizations who need to improve how they process claims.

Paxata’s primary users consist of business analysts, IT and information management personnel, and business intelligence teams who use Paxata to blend, clean, and create a single view of disparate sources of data, including PHI. Traditionally, developers would have to spend a significant amount of time coding to merge, clean, and standardize the data themselves. With Paxata’s self-service data preparation platform breaking down data silos, Business Analysts can collaborate with IT teams to speed up data intake and standardization, accelerating the outcome from as much as 6 months to as few as 10 days.

The Challenge

Originally, Paxata was deployed on-premises, private cloud, as well as SaaS with most mission critical and sensitive data being deployed by customers on-premises. Increasingly, as Paxata customers started adopting public and private cloud for all workloads, Paxata began transforming their platform to meet the demands of these new business requirements. Paxata created an infrastructure with the ability to serve customers who want to profile and analyze sensitive data in cloud deployments.

As Paxata began expanding into healthcare, they realized the interest and need that healthcare organizations have for the cloud. With healthcare being a highly regulated industry, Paxata prioritized protecting sensitive data like PHI to keep their healthcare customers’ applications safe and secure. Paxata knew they needed to place more attention to make and prove that their SaaS solution adheres to HIPAA and GDPR standards and is safe for PHI.

The Solution

To continue focusing on their core competencies and expand their business, Paxata wanted to bring in a partner to manage compliance. “We’d rather be building software all day long knowing it’s safe, rather than having to build and make sure it’s safe at the same time,” Homer Najafi, Sr. Director of DevOps says. They chose to partner with ClearDATA for a few key reasons.

First, working with a HITRUST certified organization [ClearDATA] provided a large amount of value to Paxata in terms of proving to its customers that their sensitive data would be safe and secure in the cloud. The alternative for Paxata would have been to build compliance infrastructure themselves, which would have taken a significant amount of time and resources away from focusing on building their application and platform.

Moreover, with distributed, enterprise customers across the globe, Paxata looked for expertise necessary to manage security and compliance standards across numerous geographic areas. They chose AWS due to the nature of their customers’ demands, and they leverage AWS Kubernetes (EKS) to drive efficiencies and scalability as their customer base grows. “Our SaaS solution processes data on a continuous basis—it’s resource hungry. Kubernetes is one of the best resource management solutions in the market,” says Najafi. With the ClearDATA Platform featuring ClearDATA Automated Safeguards, Paxata can access the EKS service—along with other AWS cloud services—directly within the AWS console and know that the appropriate controls are configured and enforced to keep them compliant to HIPAA regulations. Over a 30-day period, ClearDATA's Automated Safeguards evaluated 74 assets against multiple technical controls and automatically remediated 36 non complaint assets. This feature lets the team focus on using and developing in the AWS cloud instead of developing a compliance process to keep the data safe and secure.

With their new secure SaaS platform, Paxata recently onboarded several new healthcare customers. Using Paxata’s self-service data preparation application built on ClearDATA’s secure and compliant platform, Paxata’s customers can accelerate analytics to better understand their patients’ data more quickly and efficiently.