The Challenge

Managing medical image exchange and sharing is a challenge that impacts everyone in a healthcare organization. Providers, patients, administrators, department directors and staff all have different workflow needs and priorities with medical imaging exchange. Additionally, when transporting images via the patient (the patient carries a CD of the image/study to another provider), a huge market challenge exists when providers do not have proven ways to securely connect to the system and view the images.

The Solution

OneMedNet Corporation chose to partner with ClearDATA™, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, in order to evaluate ways to improve quality of care by allowing radiologists to view radiology studies prior to a patient visit, ultimately making the visit more impactful. This is extremely important in situations of trauma and stroke where short turnaround times in care are critical.

ClearDATA provides highly secure, direct access to the AWS API, allowing customers to have full control of their environments while mitigating data breach and permission risks using ClearDATA’s Compliance Dashboard. With ClearDATA’s partnership, OneMedNet Corporation now provides a secure link to connect directly to the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) which will enable encryption and decryption on both sides to assure they’re compliant with the numerous regulatory boards (including HIPAA and GxP).

The Results

First and foremost is an improvement in the quality of patient care by providing easy, quick and secure access to health data that has increased overall health outcomes. Secondarily, they have been able to increase patient satisfaction by providing access to previously unreachable services and second opinions.

OneMedNet Corporation has also been able to significantly decrease data breach and compliance risks, while also being able to focus more on organizational needs and goals. ClearDATA’s security standards, built into the dashboard, are aligned with the controls in the HIPAA Framework and are designed to exceed minimum regulatory framework requirements. As an example, data backups and snapshots are automatically encrypted and stored in Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and automatically deploy instances that may process sensitive data via Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). ClearDATA also applies DevOps security (DevSecOps) principles to help secure Patient Health Information (PHI).

By focusing on creating intelligent care solutions for patients and providers, and by partnering with healthcare technology experts like ClearDATA, OneMedNet has been able to lower the cost of healthcare by generating and sending secure studies. Their market-leading solution eliminates the complications of a provider not being able to read a study or the patient losing the study that is burned to a CD. And, many providers have realized an increase in productivity and quality of care by having an efficient and secure workflow at a reasonable cost.