About Implicity

Remote Cardiac Monitoring (RCM) is a method by which information from a patient's implantable rhythm management device can be communicated electronically to a healthcare team. These systems are extremely useful for chronic patient care — whether for diagnosing, developing treatment plans, or proactively observing patients throughout or outside of the care cycle. RCM technology often facilitates the use of data collected by a device, such as a pacemaker or defibrillator implanted into a patient. However, the use of RCM systems is not as widespread as one might think. In the United States alone, there are over 5 million patients with cardiovascular implantable electronic devices, and only 30% make use of remote monitoring.

Implicity, a healthcare technology company based in the USA and France, aspires to extend the reach and efficiency of remote cardiac monitoring, using innovative solutions to improve patient care. Their AI-driven platform was designed by an electrophysiologist to provide hospital-based cardiac teams with a complete solution to monitor patients using automation, and to provide those patients with optimal care. The Implicity Cardiac Remote Monitoring Platform helps streamline electrophysiologists’ workflows and increases the likelihood of identifying and addressing an impending cardiac issue, thereby strengthening the relationship between these specialists and their patients. The platform normalizes and aggregates discrete data from all cardiac implantable devices across manufacturers and can integrate clinical patient data (such as from a hospital’s EHR) with incoming data from other connected devices. The platform serves as a hub of secured—yet accessible—patient data for professionals. With their objective to extend the reach of RCM, the Implicity team knew that they would need to leverage the cloud and bring in a partner to help manage security and compliance in order to focus on scaling their business outside of Europe.


Implicity originally developed their platform on private cloud infrastructure in France but soon recognized the need for scalability and elasticity as they matured and decided to move workloads onto the public cloud on AWS. The pay-as-you-go pricing of the cloud is advantageous for Implicity, as their platform handles uneven demand throughout the day. Remote monitoring data typically comes in overnight in big batches, so as patients sleep, their cardiac device connects to the platform, which receives 95% of data in just a few hours. This collected data requires a significant amount of processing to prepare and treat the data to be used in machine learning algorithms. Additionally, Implicity was interested in expanding their business outside of France, and they knew they could use the public cloud to scale and reach new markets. They are open to a multi-cloud strategy in the future as they continue to grow.

Why ClearDATA

When Implicity identified their first pilot opportunity in the U.S., they also recognized the need to bring in a partner with security and compliance expertise not just in the context of GDPR, but also for HIPAA. With help from ClearDATA Comply™ software and ClearDATA managed services, Implicity was able to secure the business of the pilot customer and begin doing business in the U.S.

Implicity Chief Technology Officer Louay Gargoum stated, “The scanning Comply provides of our AWS environment is helpful. It’s a constant audit, and our team can notice vulnerabilities and act on them. When we fix something, we can see immediately that it’s been fixed, and we don’t have to worry.”

Due to their market extending to regions with a variety of complex regulations and standards, Implicity also benefits from Comply software cutting across the complex and disparate compliance requirements for ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR. L. Gargoum sees value in the standards and requirements being mapped within the software to the ClearDATA technical interpretation, so his team can easily view and understand what is required in order to meet a specific standard, regulation, or rule.

After their first year with ClearDATA, Implicity gained footing and greater confidence in operating in the U.S. The team decided to take on the engineering capabilities that ClearDATA managed services provides and leverage the Comply software to aid with enforcement and visibility into their compliance status. The compliance scores generated through Comply software help the Implicity team understand their compliance status and determine compliance gaps to address. Regarding ClearDATA’s flexibility to scale according to Implicity’s needs, L. Gargoum states,

“ClearDATA was there to help us jumpstart where we did not have that engineering capability and is able to accompany us as we grow and give us the adapted service for our size.”

Implicity Impact & Future Plans

As Implicity grows within Europe and the U.S. and continues to innovate on their platform, they look forward to evolving their partnership with ClearDATA through the use of other, more complex cloud services, scaling into new regions, and more. They hope to leverage the partnership to improve efficiency in operations, as well as to continue to go deeper into security and compliance practices. L. Gargoum states, “We appreciate how ClearDATA has helped us from the day we had nothing in the U.S. to the day we are flying high with our own wings.”