Case Study

Farsight Genome Systems


Already valued at over $39 billion, the precision medicine market is expected to skyrocket to $87 billion by 2023. One company to watch in this exciting space is Farsight Genome Systems. Based in Sunnyvale, California, the company is re-inventing diagnostic delivery for genomics-centered medicine with technology that enables pathology laboratories to deliver sequencing-based testing as routinely as they now do PCR and FISH-based testing. Further, the company’s software-based diagnosis solution is one of a select few seeking FDA approval.

Although the healthcare market is generally considered slow moving, new drugs and biomarkers are moving with speed and agility. To assure a faster market entry of Farsight Genome’s significant advancements in genomic testing, the company partnered with ClearDATA to provide a quickly scalable, HIPAA-compliant IT platform.

The Challenge

Farsight Genome sought a turnkey IT platform to support a solution that stored on average over two terabytes of data. Not only was this large volume of data expected to grow, much of it was considered protected health information (PHI), which required adherence to HIPAA privacy and security mandates. And these were only the immediate needs, significant as they were.

With an eye on the fast-approaching horizon, which included market expansion to China, Farsight Genome Systems also wanted to take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS). These services have become extremely popular in the healthcare and healthcare IT industries, which increasingly need rapidly scalable IT infrastructure that can support products and customers around the world.

To accomplish these objectives, Farsight Genome contemplated hiring a dev-ops team to build out an IT platform and migrate it to AWS. However, this would incur a considerable capital outlay and delay entry to one of the fastest-growing markets in healthcare. Farsight Genome hoped instead to find a partner that offered:

  • A complete turnkey IT platform
  • Scalability for even the largest data volumes
  • Security and privacy of PHI that exceeded HIPAA requirements
  • Domain expertise in AWS migration, management and security

The Solution

After meeting with a number of IT vendors, Farsight Genome Systems selected ClearDATA, the healthcare-exclusive cloud services partner. ClearDATA distinguished itself in several key ways, most notably as a partner that scales out IT infrastructure at the pace of change itself, without taking any shortcuts on security.

Indeed, ClearDATA demonstrated its deep familiarity with HIPAA privacy and security mandates, supplying numerous customer examples and informing Farsight Genome leadership of the many nuances of this complex piece of healthcare legislation. ClearDATA’s expertise also extended to safeguarding data in public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure, which was critical for Farsight Genome’s future plans.

“Anyone that is building web-based services for healthcare must have speed in mind. Patients have needs that can’t wait to be fulfilled. Customers are pushing hard for expanded features. We could see that ClearDATA was the right partner to help us meet these demands—and without cutting any corners on data security,” said Glenda Anderson, founder and CEO of Farsight Genome Systems.

In a matter of weeks, ClearDATA created a complete IT platform for Farsight Genome on VMWare, with a migration to AWS planned for the near future.

The Results

Farsight Genome’s decision to turn to ClearDATA for its IT infrastructure has proven to be the right strategy in the fast-moving world of precision medicine. The company received validation of its breakthrough solution soon after deploying it from the ClearDATA platform. Customers noted they were now able to identify previously hidden gene variances that are candidates for treatment of myeloid disease and other conditions.

  • Notable results from the ClearDATA partnership included:
  • Avoiding capital outlay costs of an internal dev-ops team
  • Turning IT infrastructure into a manageable operational expense
  • Migration to a fully-managed AWS environment
  • Creating a rapidly scalable IT platform that exceeded HIPAA compliance regulations

“Months matter in precision medicine. With ClearDATA’s turnkey IT platform, we have been able to rapidly launch a diagnostics solution that identifies more potential treatments for some of the most aggressive diseases patients face today,” Anderson concluded.