Case Study

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Massachusetts committed to transform their organization from  transactional to one that provides personalized care for their 2.8 million members. They aimed to do this by embracing cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to gain insights and capabilities through robust enterprise analytics. Data was siloed across 12-20 divisions within the organization, which made collaborating to glean insights difficult. ClearDATA, a HITRUST certified organization, provides a secure platform for BCBS Massachusetts to innovate at scale and take advantage of emerging technologies in the public cloud, such as machine learning. ClearDATA also offered a multi-cloud negotiated Business Associates Agreement (BAA) that addressed different needs of the organization. With a secure and compliant cloud from ClearDATA, BCBS Massachusetts can focus on stronger cross-division collaboration as they work together to personalize member experiences.

“With ClearDATA, those obstacles of thinking about compliance are gone for me and my team. Being able to wrap our analytics platform with the protection of the ClearDATA platform allows us to access capabilities within the cloud that we would never have access to on our own.” – Lee Green, Chief Architect, Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts