Case Study

Benson Area Medical Center

The Benson Area Medical Center, located approximately 30 miles outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, is a community-owned nonprofit that offers primary healthcare services to more than 11,000 patients. Occupying a 15,000 facility they have 40 full-time employees, including four full-time family practice physicians, three full time physician assistants, and a clinical pharmacist.

The Challenge

Mr. William Massengill joined the team as CEO in June 2011. He set out to continuously improve patient care while managing limited resource. To be successful, he would need to find ways to improve Benson Area Medical Center’s IT infrastructure while simultaneously reducing costs. The first order of business was to upgrade their existing Practice Management system to an advanced EHR that would simplify complex tasks, eliminate redundant works, and optimize patient engagement.

The Solution

Benson Area Medical Center chose the e-MDs Solution Series EHR due to its robust functionality, precise requirements fit, and strong value. To eliminate the need for expensive computer hardware and to significantly reduce implementation time, ClearDATA’s secure HIPAA compliant HealthDATA cloud infrastructure was chosen to host the new EHR.

“Being a non-profit organization, going to the cloud was in our best interest because it would keep our infrastructure costs low while still providing the best and most reliable service to our patients,” said William W. Massengill, Jr., Chief Executive Office of Benson Area Medical Center. “ClearDATA was selected as our cloud service provider because of its exclusive healthcare industry focus and expertise, and extensive experience with meeting all of the HIPAA security and regulatory requirements.”


The benefits of choosing ClearDATA were obvious throughout the project roll-out. e-MDs Solution Series integrated seamlessly with the ClearDATA HIPAA compliant HealthDATA cloud infrastructure. This ensured there were no delays to the project timeline as a result of infrastructure problems. Benson Area Medical Center has been securely running their new EHR since September 2012.

During this time they have experienced excellent infrastructure performance and reliability. Since all infrastructure support and maintenance are included in their low monthly hosting costs they can budget confidently knowing that their IT costs are predictable and that their system is stable. Although they have not had need for it, they also rest easy knowing that in the event of a natural disaster, power loss, or other facility failure their application and data are safe.

Most importantly, the productivity of their healthcare professionals is at an all-time high as they are now able to securely access and document key patient information both on location and remotely. This has allowed the Benson Area Medical Center to improve the patient experience, focus their efforts on improving patient outcomes and continue to achieve their objectives.

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