Women in IT – Are we doing everything we can?

Jennifer Rouse

Author: Jennifer Rouse
VP, Marketing

As a female who has always worked in a field dominated by men, I was truly touched by a recent post from ClearDATA CTO, Matt Ferrari. In high school and college, I was a competitive athlete and usually had more in common with the guys than the girls. I then entered the US Air Force Academy, which was a 12:1 ratio of men to women, and finally landed in my career, IT, which is also dominated by men. To be clear, I am not a proponent of mandating 50:50 male/female ratios for any role. In some cases, a role just lends itself more to one gender than another, but having said that, I have seen some truly amazing women in sports, the military, and IT. The question is: are we really encouraging and supporting women in these roles as a society?

Just this weekend, I was at a robotics competition in Central Texas (my son’s team placed 4th and was the only middle school team to make the semi-finals…all others were high school teams…yep, proud mama!). As I looked around the room, however, I noticed very few girls on the teams, perhaps one for every eight boys.

Matt’s article reinforces my observations and makes me want to get more involved in motivating and supporting females in IT roles, such as computer engineering and robotics. It is a well-written and very personal plea for women in IT, and I encourage you to read his post and think about your daughter, niece, cousin, or sister. I promise it’s time well spent.