ClearDATA is Helping Life Sciences Companies Maintain Compliance and Security While Delivering Life-Saving Drugs and Treatments

Saundra Monroe

Author: Saundra Monroe
VP, Marketing

Keeping pace with regulatory change while battling a shifting cyber threat landscape is a constant challenge for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. Organizations need to manage a multitude of compliance and security regulations, while also competing to deliver new drugs and therapies into emerging markets.

ClearDATA recognizes that the life science industry continues to face extraordinary challenges amid increasing regulatory demands which span multiple regions and countries.  Facing ever-changing and usually complicated compliance challenges, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are now turning to healthcare-specific compliance companies who can manage these complexities while allowing life science companies to focus on delivering life-enhancing drugs and treatments to the market.

As noted in the news recently, compliance failures can be extremely costly in terms of fines, remediation costs and reputation damage, not to mention the slow-down of drug development and delivery to patients who need treatment.  Therefore, identifying, monitoring and migrating compliance risk are essential to the overall success of a pharmaceutical and life sciences company.

ClearDATA recently took the next step toward helping life sciences companies manage and mitigate compliance and security risks by achieving the AWS Life Science Competency designation.  The competency proves ClearDATA’s industry knowledge and expertise that led to the design and development of a comprehensive compliance monitoring platform that encompasses a regulatory compliance dashboard with focused indicators to establish a measurement that not only identifies potential compliance issues, but adds insight to quality management improvement.

The ClearDATA infrastructure allows pharmaceutical and life sciences organization to successfully integrate compliance and business goals directly into their design. And, the ClearDATA compliance dashboard can effectively measure a life sciences organization’s compliance while delivering defensible value to the organization.  This ultimately allows life science and pharmaceutical organizations to focus on what they do best: delivering drugs and treatments that make healthcare better.