ClearDATA Comply™ offers protection for your cloud environment so you can innovate at scale while also alleviating the risk of non-compliance. Available across the three public clouds (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud), our software automatically configures services in a safe and compliant way so you know the resources that your team spins up are secure and protected to process, transmit, or store sensitive data and/or PHI.

Click on one of the videos below to see how Comply software runs in the background to keep you compliant while you directly access the cloud.

Comply Software for AWS

View Comply in action with a demo of Automated Safeguards for AWS services EC2 and S3. For EC2, see how Automated Safeguards enforce technical controls such as encryption at rest and daily snapshots. You can also see what happens when services are not configured appropriately, such as when an S3 bucket is left unencrypted. Automated Safeguards will remediate the bucket since it is not suitable for handling PHI.

Comply Software for Google Cloud Platform

In this demo of Comply, see how you can set up different Google services such as Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Google Compute Engine in a safe and compliant manner while Automated Safeguards keep your Google environment safe and compliant. Automated Safeguards automate and enforce certain technical controls required to handle PHI, such as performing cluster hardening, ensuring all logging events are captured and stored securely, and enforcing vulnerability across different Google cloud services.

Comply Software for Azure

View examples of Automated Safeguards at work for Azure services such as Azure SQL Database and Azure Virtual Machines. With ClearDATA Comply, you have direct access to Azure while Automated Safeguards keep you safe and secure. You can see how Automated Safeguards will enforce technical controls for these services, such as ensuring data is encrypted at rest and auditing to enforce that audit logs are backed up.