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Offer a complete menu of cloud computing and HIPAA security services from the industry's leading healthcare exclusive cloud platform!

Join ClearDATA's Partner Program and offer the industry's leading healthcare cloud and information security services to your customers. ClearDATA offers generous discounts and commissions for your marketing efforts to your existing and new customers. We primarily focus on building our business through strategic partners. Our channel centric focus and extensive partner marketing and support services are designed to make you successful.

Healthcare IT Market - Now is the Perfect Time to Build a Recurring Revenue Business Through our High-valued Service

Today represents an enormous business opportunity for Healthcare IT and Cloud Computing, which many say it is the fastest and largest transformation of any industry in U.S. history. Driving this change is the migration from a largely paper based to a digital environment. The combination of legislated demand, market demand, and the undisputed value proposition of the Cloud are creating a surge in Healthcare IT and Cloud Computing. These combined markets are growing from an estimated $35B today to $80B+ over the next five years, an incredible 20%+ annual growth. Cloud Computing and related services are growing from $1b to $4B+, conservatively, over this same period. In addition to the macro market drivers, as healthcare industry plays catch-up in IT, it is realizing meaningful ROI benefits by leapfrogging directly to cloud technologies. It is time for you to seize this opportunity and deliver best-of-breed cloud services to your new and existing customers.

Products and Services

ClearDATA engineers its services to strict standards that ensure 100% HIPAA compliance at both the physical layer and managed services level - ensuring full security and privacy of PHI. Our Private Cloud services are secure and scalable to meet the diverse needs of a single provider, medium-sized practices, hospitals, and large healthcare networks.

Our environment provides multi-tier authentication, access controls, audit logging, intrusion detection and more - ensuring the highest standards of healthcare security. Additionally, all data is backed up daily, for full disaster recovery in the case of an emergency. Our Products are supported by a robust infrastructure with high reliability, including 100% uptime guarantee. ClearDATA provides a full menu of healthcare cloud, storage, backup disaster recovery, and security services that enable your client to cost effectively move to the cloud with full confidence.

Program Choices

Working with ClearDATA is easy. We have Reseller, Referral and specific Software/SaaS Company partner programs that can be tailored to how you do business today. Do you want to fully manage and support the account including billing? Our Reseller program provides you the services and support you need. If you prefer to recommend ClearDATA as your fully- vetted, best-of-breed partner and let us manage the provisioning, support and billing while you retain a tight relationship with your customers, our Referral Partner program fits the bill!

Are you offering a Cloud-enabled full-featured version of your Software or SaaS version of your healthcare EMR, PM, Big Data, Diagnostics, Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare Mobile, or other application? We offer our Healthcare-as-a-Platform with assistance on engineering it properly for HIPAA Compliance, ongoing scalability and deep levels of managed services to help you maintain and grow this new business model. Many of our partners view us not just as a critical partner, but as an extension of their business as we help them modernize and grow their business models for the cloud environment.

Revenue Streams

ClearDATA Partners receive volume-based discounts and commissions for their work in driving new cloud customers from both their existing and new customer channels. You can build monthly recurring revenue streams with each sale, adding to your revenue predictability and success through an enhanced compounding recurring revenue model.

Sales and Marketing Assistance

ClearDATA provides product training, sales training, pricing guidance, marketing templates, telesales support, and marketing assistance in selling ClearDATA services. We will work closely with you on proposals and quoting to ensure you are rapidly signing up new happy customers. Selling cloud services, especially with stringent compliance requirements, may be a uniquely new and exciting offering for you. We are here every step of the way to help you launch this new way of delivering Healthcare IT.


All ClearDATA services are supported and monitored 24/7/365 for performance, integrity and defense against outages and intrusions. Our network management is designed for optimum performance. Your customer will be impressed with the speed of their applications! And our network configurations can be designed for dual connectivity - if their internet connection goes down, it will failover to wireless connectivity, providing 100% access uptime. We provide the advance work of bandwidth testing, analysis and support to ensure the cloud environment is fast and reliable.

We are committed to providing the strongest healthcare strategic partner programs in the industry. If you would like more information about the ClearDATA Strategic Partner Program, contact or contact sales at 602.635.4020.

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